The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

By partnering with other specialist practices and solution providers, we can rapidly mobilise teams with the right blend of expertise to solve complex client challenges.



Chiefofstaff.com  is a strategy management solution that connects the dots between your organisation’s strategic plans and its implementation. Tablet friendly & cloud-based, Chiefofstaff.com provides transparency & accountability for plan execution across the enterprise.
Thymus Consulting provides people advisory services for M&A, Divestments, business reorganisation and transformation & HR strategies.
Team Building Asia offer core training & development programmes and large scale events-based programmes. Since its inception, Team Building Asia' innovation has created a wide range of team building solutions to enhance team work through improved communication, decision making, skills and leadership development.
  With delivery and development centres in India, sizable global presence and customers spread across 5 continents, JMR Infotech is a leader in banking, financial services and insurance software and software-related services, 
and the world’s first Oracle Platinum Partner.  Our leadership in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance IT market is backed by a deep understanding of client's business needs and innovative solutions to advance their business goals.